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To provide elite athletes with a trackable method of mental strength training that connects mind and body for readiness
to perform. 


"It’s an interesting concept as teams continue to find new ways to make their players perform their best…"

-Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe 

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A Mindful Athlete is one who pays attention to the details of their game with purpose by shifting their focus as needed to locate their “zone” of optimal performance. This gives athletes the best chance at recalling thousands of hours of physical training in order to maximize execution when it counts the most – GAMETIME.

Your athlete might be physically prepared, but are they mentally? Give them the edge they need to succeed.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) activity has historically required complex, intimidating and immovable equipment costing thousands of dollars. NeuroSky is unlocking a new world of solutions for education and entertainment with our research-grade, mobile, embeddable EEG biosensor solutions. Precisely accurate, portable and noise-filtering, EEG biosensors translate brain activity into action. Combining technology with mindfulness, Mindful Athlete Training, covering Bucks County, PA and beyond, gives athletes the competitive edge.


Besides traditional one-on-one sit-downs and training analysis, Mindful Athlete Training also provides entire team training for your convenience at your preferred location. Contact us for more details.


At our Newtown, PA office we further strengthen traditional mental skill development that establishes a sound foundation for the athlete to set goals and thoroughly prepare for competition. 

Biofeedback is computer software that provides athletes with real time information about how well they can process information and control heart rate and brain-wave activity, which measures the mind-body connection. This program records the athlete’s progress towards consistently reaching their zone of optimal performance.


Traditional Mental Skills Training is a model of sports psychology that provides you with the mental skills that you need to succeed at the highest levels of your sport. This training shapes the self-talk, the imagery, the focus, and the confidence needed to put you in the right mindset optimal performance.


Session explains assessment results/behavioral observations


Use of Mindful Meditation, Chi-Gong and Hatha Yoga


First we meet and
assess the athlete's


Explanation of Zone Training Principles and Zone Training Concepts


Evaluate and determine

if further exposure
is needed

As Yogi Berra says, “…the game is 90 percent mental…” However, when athletes practice, they spend most of their time in the gym and on the field working on their strength, conditioning, stamina, and repetitions. So how do athletes build the mental muscle that is so integral to peak performance?

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When you practice mindfulness, you
are creating new neural pathways for sustained attention, increased intention, and new attitudes. With increased practice, you are building new neural resources while training your brain.