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Personal Training

Mindful Athlete Training's Newtown, PA location offers state-of-the art training tailored to your level.

  • Mindfulness does not mean sitting still, stiff, and stopping all thoughts. In fact, mindfulness can be done in many ways, postures, and places.

  • Mindfulness is a practice, not a perfect.

  • What does this actually mean for an athlete? Attention to the ball and your task, in the present-moment, without judgment. It means experiencing a state of “flow”, with your focus on the game and your goals

What both high-functioning athletes and expert meditators have in common is an ability to withstand high levels of anxiety while maintaining optimal task performance. Therefore, mindfulness is not about reducing anxiety on the field and in the game. In fact, contrary to popular belief, anxiety can be used to drive optimal performance.


Mindfulness Promotes acceptance and 
awareness of one’s internal states, which
in turn, promotes goal-directed action.


To increase athletic performance, mindfulness and acceptance-based practices are an empirically supported intervention (Gardner & Moore, 2012).

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