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What To Expect

Our athletes should expect to workout. The Mindful Athlete Training (MAT) athlete can expect to be trained in a similar way to personal fitness. Our model gears itself towards training performance for today's game. Through this we provide the weapons to ascend with Chaos of each performance. We look to prepare each and every athlete for the ever-changing variables of competition.


  • Resiliency 

  • Mental Endurance

  • Improved Impulse Control

  • Optimal Decision-Making

  • Attentional/Emotional Flexibility

  • Higher-Level of Acceptance


Each athlete whether individual or group will be trained by a MAT certified coach. Each coach has gone through extensive training with hands-on experience to program workouts that optimize their athletes. 



You are an official MAT athlete once you receive your baseline bioQ!

Through exertion and fatigue the athlete will be stretched and tested to determine how a performer reacts to real-time stress. You will learn about your strengths and areas of development and your MAT certified coach will give you a full debrief of your data-driven results.

Your coach will teach you the platform fundamentals of CALM, FOCUS, ENGAGE, and INTEGRATION to properly train. We found this to be essential for optimal results, similar to  teaching proper technique in physical fitness. Coaches utilize standardized exercises to blueprint customized mental strength programs for daily workouts. Each session will be aimed at working one of our four targeted areas: Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, and Recovery

Periodic bioQ reassessment will be conducted to monitor progress and inform training. 

  • Higher Frustration Tolerance

  • Performance Insights

  • Faster Recovery

  • Consistency

  • Optimal Timing

  • Connected with the Moment

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