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Holistic Performance Theory

What Makes Mindful Athlete Training Unique!

At Mindful Athlete Training, we believe the key to success lies in Holistic Performance Theory. HPT:


  • Quantifies the physical and mental skill integration of objective performance.  

  • Encapsulates the most relevant variables of sustained performance.

  • Maximizes a performer's raw talent for optimal performance.  

  • Measures the totality of the player’s physiological systems, unifying mind and body.


While combating mental fatigue and disengagement, the most skilled players have varying outcomes.  If this equation is the road map to improved performance, bioQ™ training is the vehicle to growth.

Just like physical training, every Mindful Athlete Training session starts with a benchmark of how strong the athlete is. The difference with our training is that by measuring a baseline bioQ™ Score, we gather biomarkers and evidence associated with how each individual ranks with respect calm, focus, and engagement.

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