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In our advanced prototype training center, The Lab, we unleash over 20 years of mental strength development work. A research and training facility, The Lab exposes performers to chaos that places demand on their task and trains them to harness it into skill.

Utilizing advanced biosensor technology, our training enables performers to leverage their physiology for optimal performance. Over the past 5 years, Mindful Athlete Training has integrated biosensor technology to quantify mind-body efficience. Using our proprietary BioQ® Score, and leveraging research and training with previous elite-level collegiate and professional athletes, Mindful Athlete Training has developed a  patent-pending algorithm and training system that maximizes the mental strength and cognitive endurance of a performer.

Know as the Integration Effect, our system stimulates and strengthens your physiological system. This interaction enhances the individual performance model to grow stronger together, as opposed to alone. 


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The Lab

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