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Researched, refined, and perfected in the Mindful Athlete Lab, Integration Effect Training (IET) is the process of training multiple mechanisms that leverage physiological systems.


Why train to be calm, when you may still lose focus? Similarly, why train to be focused, when you may not be engaged?  Mindful Athlete Training integrates all three and overlays chaotic inputs to rewire your physiological systems to deal with unforeseen stressors in real time. Apps are great, but you can't bring those in the game!


Similar to the microtears our body gets when lifting, and the recovery time needed to get stronger, our brains need the same process. By incorporating chaotic features, IET creates a neurocognitive synchronization of the mind and body through strain and recovery. It’s by-products, mental strength and cognitive endurance; are most prominent when utilizing biosensor technology to train the fundamental challenges of maximizing raw talent This technology enables an objective, measurable reference for the athlete to accurately train and track of progress.

Need More Proof? Check out this video. The batter isn't just listening to music. He's timing his swing to the screen. Our sensors are measuring his heart rate, breathing, and focus. Turn the sound up and you can hear the music shut off. That's our brain wave sensors notifying our doctors that he's lost focus. So how do you fix a lack of focus?

Call us to find out!


"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts!"

Integration Effect

Maximize Outcomes with Integration Effect Training

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