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Traditional Mental Skills Training

At Mindful Athlete Training, we compliment our Mental Strength Training with Traditional Mental Skills Training.


Traditional Mental Skills Training is a model of sports psychology that provides you with the mental skills that you need to succeed at the highest levels of your sport. This training shapes the self-talk, the imagery, the focus, and the confidence needed to put you in the right mindset optimal performance. The components of mental skills training are:

  • Goal-Setting: effective goal-setting skills that will result in measurable behavior changes

  • Positive Self-Talk: learn how to talk to yourself positively, intentionally, and purposefully, and learn to not be influenced by the negative-talk that we so often

  • Imagery: use your imagination to reach your goals; vividly create or recreate an athletic performance in your mind.

  • Focus/Concentration: learn how to pay attention to what is important, and increase your focus on your task. Understand what distracts you and what helps you draw your attention to the goal.

  • Self-Confidence: increase your beliefs in your ability to succeed. Confident athletes perform the way they want to perform, spend more time thinking about what is important, try harder in practice and competition, try even harder when they do not reach their goals, and use better game strategies. They are not afraid to make mistakes!

  • Energy Management: athletes must have good stores of energy and know how to use them wisely. Learn skills to manage your energy levels, know how to turn it up and down your energy.

  • Mental Preparation: learn how to mentally prepare yourself to compete at your highest level. Examine your mental preparation routine and maximize your ability to get into the “ideal mindset”

No matter what sport you, or your athlete participates, we can build the confidence, self-awareness needed to compete at the next level. Make a no obligation call today.

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