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Understanding Your bioQ Score!

As long as there have been sports, athletes have been trying to measure their physical                  performance. Introducing bioQ, a one-of-a-kind comprehensive assessment score that  measures an athletes mind-body efficiency. 

At Mindful Athlete Training (MAT), our training starts with your bioQ Score. How else can you tell if you are improving in the areas of calm, focus, engage, and integration.  BioQ  serves as a mental strength metric of a performer’s holistic integration of physiological skill sets.


At Mindful Athlete Training we believe that an athlete’s stress level, ability to focus, sense of timing, and reaction speed all play significant roles in performance outcomes. However, these “intangible” components of the game have been neglected statistically, and to date only identified by the the “eye test”. 

Dr. Picariello explains your bioQ Score on the MLB Network.

Utilizing state-of-the-art biosensor technology, the key domains of a player’s physiological framework are measured: the athlete’s ability to be calm, get focused, stay engaged, and finally, achieve integration of these skills. ​

Human performance data is tabulated to one single metric; bioQ. 


This metric translates to any game, acting as the  keystone of mental strength that facilitates performance, assigning attention to holistic integration and expediting the professional learning curve of mind-body efficiency.  

bioQ! Scores:

  • Reveal the level to which key physiological domains of human performance are integrated

  • Identify areas of strength and development

  • Translate the subjective to the objective

  • Identify preferred learning style

  • Quantify the intangible; poise under pressure

  • Recognizes performance recovery following a crisis/disruption

  • Measures the synchronization of the mind and body

  • Uncovers the ability to sustain attention

  • Reveals over or under arousal in any performance setting

  • Educates the athlete about the importance of invoking chaos as the one constant variable of high performance

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