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Mindful Athlete Training (MAT) defines chaos as the ever-changing variables that place internal and external demand on your task, disrupting all mental scripts.


Mental scripts are the narratives of how things should be in our ideal lives. They are the all-or-nothing templates that promote a rigid perception of outcomes and interrupt human performance.

The CHAOS  phenomenon in performance shows us that stress is natural and cannot be avoided.  This realization encourages appreciation and tolerance of discomfort. 


At Mindful Athlete Training, we help you learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable; promoting flexibility and achievement with optimal performance.

Chaos is one of the primary training vehicles for MAT. Chaotic training mimics real life and places our athletes under game-time strain with encouragement that they are capable of overcoming adversity. Our athletes do not avoid challenges, but rather call upon their resources and build strength because of it.


A Mindful Athlete is not one who is prepared for the quiet, but one who embraces chaos and is prepared for anything.

To see where CHAOS becomes your ally, click here.

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