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Mindfulness for Peak Performance

Mindfulness practice also helps to increase one’s capacity to hold relevant information in attention, while filtering out the noise. This helps to bring space between a stimulus and your response, by giving you a greater power to choose your response, in the present moment. For example, mindfulness has been demonstrated to increase working memory capacity, especially under high-stress conditions. Working memory is your capacity to hold onto relevant information as it is coming to you, in the present moment. Increased working memory capacity may result in increased attention and focus for the present task.

-Michael Chaskalson

Mindfulness Practice is the process of:

  • Paying attention

  • On purpose

  • In the present moment

  • Non-judgmentally

When you practice mindfulness, you are creating new neural pathways (see neural plasticity) for sustained attention, increased intension, and new attitudes. With increased practice, you are building new neural resources, or training your brain, for attention, intention, and attitude.

What new attitudes? Mindfulness practice has been demonstrated to strengthen the part of the brain that activates openness, curiosity, kindness, innovation, creativity, and connection. In addition, mindfulness practice decreases activity of the brain in the area responsible for fear, anxiety, aversion, and avoidance.

TRY THIS! The Mindful Minute Meditation

  • Start by focusing on your breathe as an anchor to the present moment

  • Breathe in, and as you breathe out say “1” to yourself

  • Breathe in, and as you breathe out say “2”

  • Breathe in, and as you breathe out… “3”

  • And so on, until the timer goes off.

  • Whatever number you get up to, is how many breaths you can do in a minute, so next time you do this, focus on reaching that number without the timer.

  • Do this as often as you would like, daily

Suggestions: before or after a meeting, before walking in the door, before or after a phone call, in the shower, etc.

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