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bioQ™ mentioned in Boston Globe article

Our good friend Rick Swanson, whom we refer to as the “Fans’ Commish,” is always looking for cutting-edge products and services to help players optimize their performance. He mentions MAT (Mindful Athlete Training), the world’s first mental skill metric called bioQTM invented by Dr. Lee Picariello, a clinical sport psychologist. A statement on his website reads: “BioQ™ functions as a training baseline as well as a marker of mind-body efficiency — it’s the intangible factor that now has a metric. This is the first measure of a professional athlete’s ability to get in ‘the zone’ and assess how long they can stay there. bioQ™ is comprised of four circuits: an athlete’s ability to BE CALM, GET FOCUSED, STAY ENGAGED, and ACHIEVE INTEGRATION.” It’s an interesting concept as teams continue to find new ways to make their players perform their best.

Read the article here

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