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Meet Dr. Lee Picariello

Dr. Lee Picariello is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in sport performance.  His Mindful Athlete Training program has been recognized in Lower Bucks County as the next level of elite, sport-performance training with clients ranging from high school to college, Olympic hopefuls, professional athletes and coaches.

A former All-American football player at Lehigh University, Dr. Picariello is an expert in developing attention and focus, reducing performance anxiety and treating the psychological hurdles of the injured athlete.  He received his Master’s and Doctorate degrees from LaSalle University focusing his research on mindfulness applications on the athletic field.  Dr. Picariello is proficient in biofeedback, a mind-body intervention to assist with peak performance.

He is currently in his 12th year of private practice following a decade long tenure with Moss Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. working with brain injury and post-concussion syndrome.

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