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Individual Training

How you prepare mentally is crucial to how you train the body because what the mind perceives the body believes.  What separates you from others?  Do you roll over when the alarm goes off or do you wake just a few minutes before?  The best mental “game” is one that you don’t win or lose but learn to play differently.  What about your individual preparation is different?


At Mindful Athlete Training our individualized mental strength training cross trains your mind like any other core muscle developing better endurance and flexibility.  The training creates new neural pathways in your brain that strengthens and conditions your mind for optimal performance.

Your customized training experience will include: 


  • bioQ assessment with feedback report (highlighting strengths and areas for growth)

  • Platform training (Calm, Focused, Engaged, and Integration)

  • Programed Integration Effect Training by MAT certified coach

    • Mental Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, and Recovery

  • Interval bioQ reassessments to enhance programming

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