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Group Training


At Mindful Athlete Training, our group mental strength training provides your team of athletes, performers or coaches that simulates the gameday of everyday experience.  It encourages communication, problem-solving and attention to detail through a series of chaotic experiences in our performance lab.  The lab is where the best of an individual is revealed, uncovering the strength of the entire group.


Your group training experience will include: 


  • bioQ assessment for each participant with feedback report (highlighting strengths and areas for growth)

  • Group, “Neural Net” performance report.

    • The connection between individuals and team 

  • Group sessions are tailored by our MAT certified coaches to create a unique and chaotic training environment forcing higher level outcomes of tolerance, resiliency, and cognitive endurance. 

  • Team building sessions emphasize communication throughout our cross-training circuits where the athletes rotate through the calm, focused, and engaged stations

  • Integration Effect Training group tasks.


Team performance is a measure of every individual on the team, not just the win and loss column. Why does your team struggle to communicate? How does an error impact your teammate? After a team loss why do some team members take it harder than others? How do we execute more effectively in crunch time? How can we support each other when bad things happen? 

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