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E-Sports Training

Gaming has a new identity and is quickly becoming the largest globally played sport around the world. How do you handle the stress of the moment from the basement to the championship stage? When the game is on the line how do you respond? When you lose do you RAGE quit? Do you or a teammate create a toxic environment that destroys the mood? 

Our new e-sports training provides an individualized or team mental strength training experience for rising and elite gamers. This gold-standard mental strength training helps the esports athlete get to their next level; from amateur to pro, pro to champion and champion to elite.  We help our athletes re-define their GRIND, to put more TIME-IN with better results.  

Your training experience will include:


  • bioQ assessment with E-sport specific feedback report (highlighting strengths and areas for growth)

  • Platform training (Calm, Focused, Engaged, and Integration)

  • Programed Integration Effect Training by MAT certified coach

    • Mental Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, and Recovery

  • Interval bioQ reassessments to enhance programming

  • "Real Time” mind-body, in-game training.

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