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Education & Consultation

Have you ever had a moment where you felt just ok about a decision but knew there was something more?  Being just 90% sure that you were making the right move but unsure if it was the right move at the right time? 

Dr. Lee Picariello at Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) Sports Analytics Conference

At Mindful Athlete Training we are experts in human performance who tear down the barriers to breaking through your limits. Our education and consultation services provide  the “how to” path from human performance theory and the application of achievement. Rather than avoid, we educate and consult with all persons on how to lean into the chaos and gather strengths to overcome any challenge. 


Advanced training and workshops will teach you and your staff how to recognize the benefits of a healthy mind-body connection. Learning to leverage your physiology for performance, trainees improve flexibility, positive risk taking, and emotional control. 


  • Provide individualized and group education on Leveraging Physiological Systems for Performance (1-2 hour workshop)

  • Trainings on how to be Calm, get Focused, stay Engaged, and Integrate all systems

  • Education Seminar on Mindfulness 2.0 and its Impact

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