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Coaches Training

In crunch time, when the game is on the line, how do you make the right move with the right player?  Coaches who trust their gut feeling are in tune with the stress of the moment and not second-guessing decisions.  Play calling and player analysis are the nuts and bolts of that coaching role that impacts just how successful any organization will be.  When coaches suit up for their gameday, their preparation should be no different than the players they coach! 


Every player requires a leader who often looks within to maximize themselves as much as the team. Give yourself the advantage of learning how to become more flexible to the needs of your players, and manage the rigors of the game with the poise of an athlete.


Your training experience will include: 


  • bioQ assessment with feedback report (highlighting strengths and areas for growth)

  • Platform training (Calm, Focused, Engaged, and Integration)

    • Education about how to recognize psychophysiological desynchronization in players

    • Learn language of how to communicate Mental Strength concepts

  • Consultation on developing Chaos simulations for teams in practice

  • Programed Integration Effect Training by MAT certified coach

    • Mental Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, and Recovery focused trainings

  • Interval bioQ reassessments to enhance programming

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