Dr. Lee Picariello with mindful athlete training invites you to tune in Friday mornings at 8:00am for, “The Head Game “, a must listen show for athletes and coaches of all levels and ages.

The Mindful Athlete Training program develops athletes faster and keeps them in the zone longer. It defines what it means to be calm, get focused and stay engaged.

Mindful Athlete Training, (MAT) is a shock to the athlete’s system – it’s a trifecta of time tested mental skills, the new age of mindfulness, and bio-metrics that track performance over time.  Using biosensor technology to enhance mind-body connection, the mindful athlete gains that added edge to engage their sport fully while their mental and physical skills operate as one.  It’s cross-training for your mind to support your ever-changing game.

Listen live Friday’s at 8:00am, and Thursday’s at 5:30pm before the Pro Football Report, right here on 1490AM; or stream throughout the world at wbcb1490.com.

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