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Dr. Lee Picariello

Founder & CEO

Dr. Lee Picariello is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in sport performance.  His Mindful Athlete Training program has been recognized in Lower Bucks County as the next level of elite, sport-performance training with clients ranging from high school to college, Olympic hopefuls, professional athletes and coaches.

A former All-American football player at Lehigh University, Dr. Picariello is an expert in developing attention and focus, reducing performance anxiety and treating the psychological hurdles of the injured athlete.  He received his Master’s and Doctorate degrees from LaSalle University focusing his research on mindfulness applications on the athletic field.  Dr. Picariello is proficient in biofeedback, a mind-body intervention to assist with peak performance.

He is currently in his 12th year of private practice following a decade long tenure with Moss Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. working with brain injury and post-concussion syndrome.


Jessica  Ferdinand

Mental Strength Coach

Ms. Jessica Ferdinand has been an avid sports fan and mental health advocate within the sports arena for as long as she could remember. After spending three years with Mindful Athlete Training, Jessica has been involved in all aspects of the business with her job titles, including; Internship coordinator, Mental Strength Coach, Biofeedback Tech, Content Developer, Researcher, Co-producer / Co-host of the Head Game Podcast. Jessica obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pa. She is currently undergoing her Masters of Science in Psychology at Holy Family University in Philadelphia. Pa. Jessica aspires to become a leader in this industry by continuing her education and pursuing a Ph.D. where she can research human performance at a doctorate level. Jessica’s theoretical orientation is centered around Cognitive Behavior Therapy with a strong emphasis on Mindfulness. Jessica is an animal lover who enjoys traveling, watching sports, learning, and most importantly, laughing!”


Ryan Mink

Managing Director, Marketing &  New Business Development

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Dr. Hunter Stevens

Director of Learning & Development

Head of Mental Skills

Dr. Hunter Stevens serves as the Director of Learning and Development and the Head of Mental Strength at Mindful Athlete Training (MAT). He is responsible for facilitating and co-leading the MAT team in identifying, understanding, and training the gap in human performance development. 

Hunter has been with MAT team for five years, in his time he has assisted the development of a proprietary holistic-performance metric, BioQ™. He has successfully facilitated in the development of the core philosophies and advanced theories for MAT. In addition, he has been the head of the performance training division in which he oversees the development of new training methodology. These methodologies include MAT certified coaching curriculum and proprietary training protocols. In addition to his leadership role Hunter also provides training and education on leveraging physiology to enhance cognitive endurance and achieve optimal performance. He has trained elite professional and collegiate athletes, as well as executive directors in the non-profits space toward a higher level of awareness and performance.

Hunter is a former Division-1 Men’s Volleyball player. His experience includes ranking top 5 all-time in blocks at George Mason University, as well as a two-time recipient of the Uvaldo Acosta Scholarship award. In addition, he was invited to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for training, as well as competed on the Rising Tide, in the United States former professional circuit, the Premier Volleyball League. 

Hunter earned his doctoral degree from the Institute of Graduate Clinical Psychology at Widener University and Master of Business Administration from Widener University’s School of Business. Hunter’s training philosophy is that the perception of a performance ceiling is only maintained when the performer stops leaning into discomfort. 


Jacqueline McBratnie 

Managing Director, Marketing &  New Business Development

Jacqueline McBratnie serves as our Director of Marketing and New Business Development and has been with Mindful at Athlete Training since it’s inception.
Before joining Mindful Athlete Training ,Jacqueline  spent 20+ years working with Fortune 500 companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Kelloggs and the Campbell Soup Company.  At the corporate level, Jacqueline’s work was concentrated in Integrated Marketing/Sponsorship with an emphasis on sports marketing. Jacqueline was responsible for managing and developing partnerships at the national level, with the NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NBA, WNBA & MLS.

Jacqueline received her Bachelors of Science degree &  her MBA from the Academy of Food Marketing, St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia,Pa.


Michael DiMarco

Managing Director, Marketing &  New Business Development

Michael is the Digital Content Producer here at Mindful Athlete Training. Michael produces all of the video, photo, and audio content that is shown on our social media platforms. From an interest in making movies at a very young age, Michael has dedicated his career to creating the most professional looking and entertaining content he can. Michael has worked in Atlanta, and Philadelphia alongside some of the most well-known production companies such as HBO, MTV, and ESPN. Michael has an interest in both sports, and psychology which has led to his interest in working with Mindful Athlete Training.

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