Introducing bioQ!

Mindful Athlete Training (MAT) has developed bioQ™, the defining variable of the New Age athlete. Its’ a patent-pending performance metric that translates the subjective to the objective. It functions as a training baseline as well as a marker of mind-body efficiency – it’s the intangible factor that now has a metric.  

Progressive Zone Training is the 1st ever mental skill road map to peak-performance that's trackable and trainable. bioQ™ stems from the sweat equity of Mindful Athlete Training that gets athletes into their zone faster and keeps them there longer. Discipline and commitment are both required to BE CALM, GET FOCUSED and STAY ENGAGED for Peak-Performance moments. MAT progressive zone training is that path that leads athletes through a systemic approach towards consistency over time & optimal outcome.

Pro athletes have a highly-structured path.  Like the base path, it’s a progressive one with individual markers that represent achievement along the way. Each stage of bioQ™ measurement is represented by a base within the path. Each base represents a physiological marker- 1st base is the heartrate (CALM), 2nd base are brainwaves (FOCUSED), 3rd base is muscle firing (ENGAGED), and home plate is the nervous system (PERFORMANCE).

It's only when the Mindful Athlete understand their progression and commits to it that they find their zone and stay there. Mindful Athlete Training is where elite competitors commit to their craft and Cross-Train their Mind for their Ever-Changing Game!

Progressive Zone Training is the 1st ever mental skill road map to peak-performance that trackable and trainable.

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MAT’s process begins by identifying the four stages of performance readiness that when trained in a progression enhances optimal output in less time. Our bioQ™ formula is the first of its kind. bioQ™ is a patented mind-body metric that measures a player's ability to be calm, get focused, stay engaged and peak-perform during practice and competition. We take the subjective intangibles and make them tangible training objectives. Ball trajectory, snap judgment and pitch pattern recognition all improve while increasing mental durability, and mindful awareness of in-game stressors. The training model combines state-of-the-art biofeedback technology with practice/game situations to capture mental performance in real-time. Sabermetrics tracks physical performance at all levels, however, mental aspects of the game remain difficult to measure. Now, with bioQ™, the player’s ability to “keep their head in the game” can be recorded and tracked over a player’s career.


Sustained attention without conscious effort is how MAT defines “the zone” of performance. Our goal is to get the player in “the zone” faster and keep them there longer.  This translates to less distractibility, mental fatigue, and on-field errors. MAT also enables players to manage off-field factors that negatively impact attention and performance.


All teams invest in the physical aspect of training. Teams that value and invest in the relationship between physical & mental training benefit from their prospects & farm players sooner; typical of “speed-up baseball”.  

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